I remember growing up  feeling pain during the pre-season of my track and field training and thinking why am I doing this…? Sweating, hurting, holding back tears… Why was I putting myself through all this.? “Why not ?” is the answer… Why not hurt today so that tomorrow you can look back and marvel at your achievements. Why not fail today, so that you learn to better yourself next time. Why not look silly today and be a paragon of hope for your son or daughter or wife or brother or father or mother tomorrow. Why not be called names and prove them wrong tomorrow. Life generally follows the same pattern I have come to realize. One inch, one day, one habit at a time. Mental conditioning is very important.

A wise man once said to me during practice,” Limits just like fears are often just an illusion. Your mind is more powerful than you will ever fathom young man.” … Passion works hand in hand with your mind. Passion is fueled by what you believe in and by choosing what makes you happy. Today, tomorrow and forever is determined by right now. 

Life will throw you curve balls. People will disappoint you. People will die. Your heart will be broken. You will be called names. Money will never be enough. Life will generally suck . But I assure you, there is nothing more beautiful than overcoming adversity to get to your goal. I tell myself that I will only cry when I achieve something or when I am happy because those tears are earned.

I hear the words to this day coming from my track coach in high school. ” Dig deep boy! ” Those words have always stuck with me since then. Digging deep is actually enduring all pain that is in the moment in sheer hope that it is temporary. Yes, pain and adversity is temporary.

This is not meant to be an inspirational entry or anything of the sort. I really just wanted to share what keeps me going. Every second, every minute you are alive is a chance to affect the next seconds, the next minutes, the next day. Pardon the sporting examples, its just that its easier to explain things from a sporting point of view given my background.

Today, tomorrow and forever will be engraved in history by the actions of now. Now is you at your best and worst. Learn, grow and love but remember to pursue what makes you happy. If you are to take anything away from all of this, it is this… Only you can destroy you. Take care of you and all will fall into place.


Today, tomorrow and forever..