1. Smarten UP

A prerequisite is to be aware of new ideas, thoughts and behaviours. A prerequisite for what you ask? well.. A prerequisite to taking control of your life. Read, listen, watch. By any means necessary emancipate yourself from mental slavery. SMARTEN UP! The saying goes,” You earn from what you know but you ONLY grow from what you learn”

2. Start Engineering your destiny.

Avoid routine, accept nothing and question everything. Be conscious of what you do and be responsive to change. This might be a little weird of an analogy but its my blog so you sort of have to read it anyway. Be the chef and not the waiter.  The Chef makes simple changes to the combination of ingredients and we have a totally different meal. The waiter accepts all and goes by that.

3. Simplify everything in your life. EVERYTHING

Identify what is important and eliminate everything else. Taking a little hiatus from social media, normal routine and everything that takes up a lot of your time will bring forth a more simplified approach to life. Make time for yourself and LEARN TO SAY NO. Plain and simple. This is surprisingly based on Confucian theory and also my run in with one of the most influential Five star Army Generals of our era, Former President of the United States of America Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower… He came up with the amazingly simple Eisenhower matrix. Read up on it if you have time and come back to this blog and imagine me giving you a nod of approval.

What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important.

My journey has led me to this blog entry. I thought I would share the positives from my journey and how I am soldiering on and what I am doing differently. The “better man project” for me started out as a six month stint that turned into a lifestyle choice. Lots of faint superhero music from yonder, epic battles of the mind and heart, wine, excruciating work outs and lots of reading. Lets create a moment here, Lux Auterna by Clint Mansell is playing and your mind is moving a million miles a second. Something had to give. That is how I came up with these three easy steps that gave back my sanity and gave me a renewed lease on life.

Lastly, if you have a career. These three steps will now have you in tiptop shape to execute your daily and monthly KPI’s.  Deliver without compromise and deliver one project at a time. Focus on what is important.  Enjoy life, celebrate the little victories and remember to smile. Life is a beautiful journey.

Over N’ Out.