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I have an absolute gem of a blog entry for you all today. The past three months have seen me take a new approach which is going relatively well. Positive energy attracts positive energy I always say.

I was having a casual chat with a very good friend  online. The usual office instant messaging to kill time. What ensued was a mind-blowing conversation that graced my Google chat. This person who might want to remain anonymous has such a beautiful mind and has always been very influential in most of my decisions as an adult. So to really showcase the wealth of knowledge this person possesses, I have decided to copy and paste parts of the conversation for all to see. I will not edit nor will I change a word.

Disclaimer; It’s gonna sound like a whole lot of mumbo jumbo, but stay with me.
So a while back I realised it was one thing to be having negative things happening to you and another thing to just entertain negative things – ie thoughts, people, etc.

After an internal audit of my internal dialogue, I realise that things had to change. You see, your internal dialogue impacts your belief system directly ie. Always thinking you ain’t sh*t will eventually make you end up believing you ain’t shit. The only way to correct both is to change your daily internal dialogue and that’s were daily affirmations come in.
You know the whole “you attract what you think, say and do”, well that’s what daily affirmations help with. Eventually, you repeat them so often that your subconscious believes they are solid beliefs and wah-lah, more positivity etc.

Obviously, this doesn’t work by itself . I realised in general I had to be more mindful about what and who I spend my time on. For example: Twitter has become a cess-pit for nonsense people and their antics, my hiatus during Lent made me realise that to a certain level it was feeding negativity towards me. When I get back on, there is going to be a mass culling session and less time spent on it. Same goes for who I spend my time with, I used to be such a social butterfly – anywhere and everywhere. Nope, that’s not happening anymore. I guess it’s just being more mindful of where I contribute my energies and what energy I’m on the receiving end of.

Ladies and Gentlemen,I honestly feel like I shouldn’t add anymore out of fear of ruining what are some very wise and insightful words.

Harness the curiosity of life… Live… Occupy ALL STREETS…

This is the 12th Hole at Arabella Golf course, Capetown.  Embrace life and celebrate your achievements. Happy Birthday to all March babies.

Over n’ Out…