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I have aptly named this entry “Wilson” based on a theory I am working on. It is not perfect but by the end of this blog I would have gotten my thoughts and stuff together. The year has started off generally well, I am pushing myself harder than I did last year in pretty much every facet of my life. I want to be a better version of myself and I am desperate to break new barriers with growth. Growth! I love the word…


Now, the Wilson Theory or Wilson Effect is based on the 2000 movie called “Castaway” that has Tom Hanks as the protagonist.  This fellow finds himself marooned on an Island after his plane crashes and he pretty much has to survive on and entertain himself with debris from the crash. One of the major highlights of the movie is when Tom Hanks makes a Volleyball his best friend. The brand of the Volleyball is Wilson and that naturally becomes its/his name. Understandably, being alone on an Island can be quite difficult and very emotionally taxing. Your mind would be tested and companionship would be integral to survival…

Stay with me folks… This is the part we put everything together. So after a few months of struggling, endless conversations with Wilson and a suicide attempt , Tom Hanks manages to build a raft and float to some help with Wilson on board. These two are now fully fledged BFF’s (Best Friends Forever)… This emotional and personal journey continues for Tom Hanks thanks to the companionship of Wilson.

He  grows as a person and that is just a living testament to what the right kind of companion will do to a man/woman . There is no limit to the growth that may be  when you have the right support system. Wilson was just a Volleyball stuffed with some straw and a smiley face painted on it.


SPOILER ALERT: The twosome manage to build a raft and venture off to find civilization after 4 years of waiting on the Island. While they are floating away , Wilson drifts off.

This part of the blog now talks about the effect that losing a “Wilson” in your life will have on you. Tom Hanks cried… and cried…uncontrollably wept and you could see the pain on-screen as Wilson floated off. He was torn between swimming after him,losing the raft,being with Wilson again but drowning or  staying on the raft,surviving but losing Wilson.


And behold, the Wilson Theory…. Who is your Wilson? Does your Wilson help you grow? Would you be willing to part ways with your Wilson in order to save yourself?

Oh and before I forget to mention. My Marathon training is coming along well. Did my first 20 km last week and I didn’t die. TWO OCEANS MARATHON

Good Day to you all…