Happy New Year to all. It has been a fair bit since I blogged. I was kind of waiting for the Mayan Calendar to deliver but alas. They postponed our impending apocalyptic doom. The doomsday passed and I found myself facing the harsh reality of life and the traditional January excruciating financial ineptness induced by excessive holiday splurging… That aside, I wish to draw your attention to 7 things I am grateful for right now. This very moment in my life.

  1. My Family- I would not be the man I am if it were not for the advice and unwavering support my family has given me over the years. Family first always.

  2. The Pursuit – The hunger inside to always want to better myself. Whether its academically ,financially, emotionally or career-wise. The passion and desire is alive and well.

  3. Friends- They know who they are. Old and new. Lifting up, laughing, celebrating, calling up, planning, inviting, conversing, showing up. The greatest gift I have received this past year is the recognition of how very important friends are in enriching my daily life. I have no idea why it took me 27 years to get that straight in my noodle.

  4. Music- Defying all the laws of harmony . Beauty may boast of her eyes and her cheeks but music brings joy to the heart and soul when she sings. A form of escapism, a new world of opportunity and just sheer joy. I am grateful for music and the role she plays in my life. Music…

  5. Poetry. In my many hours of reading and never-ending quest to understand myself, I found this amazing piece of poetry.

  6. Witnessing bravery- In the last 6 months alone I’ve been privileged to witness two friends demonstrate big time courage in their lives. Taking chances, moving forward, stepping outside their comfort zone, making things happen. HOLY MATRIMONY. I wish that for all of us – to see it and to live it.

  7. Growth- Being able to write my dreams and make them reality as each day comes. To fearlessly pursue happiness and blossom into a man I can proudly face in the mirror. To be able to love wholeheartedly and unconditionally is a blessing from the heavens. To be of sound and able mind and to allow myself to feel and not worry about not understanding why. To just feel.

I really do wish you all a very successful New year. “If you can dream it, you can create it”