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It’s officially half the year gone and I have started my Christmas list. I normally never ever EVER do this but this year I decided to spoil myself a little and start making plans to get what I WANT.. So first on the list is: *drum roll please*

The Nikon D300.. M’yesh… Now not only is this fancy as can be but costs a pretty darn penny. I shall not be discouraged though because my heart is set on getting this little toy for myself. I decided a few months ago that I would like to take more pictures. Not just any pictures.. (Nothing against those people that take pictures in bathrooms across the world and post them on social networking sites) … I want to take pictures that last forever. Pictures that capture what I am feeling at the time. My mental pictures of moments should now be documented… So let this 10th day of July in the year of our lord 2012 be a  declaration of my wish to add this amazing camera to my christmas list.

For all those that fancy giving it a go and making my whole year… It retails at  1,100 pound sterling. I am sure as the year goes by and I do more research, I will find a more affordable replacement but as it stands…. THIS IS WHAT I WANT…

Dear Santa,

I didn’t get my red BMX bike in 1995 so the very least you can do is DELIVER this with a bottle of wine.

Kind Regards,