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I don’t read much but when I do I find myself telling everyone about the books I read. This really should have been my first blog entry if you think about because it is by far one of the greatest books I have ever had the pleasure of reading.

A few years back I had some extra time on my hands because I was in a new city and didn’t really have that many friends so I decided to read this book. The book was scripted to perfection by Lawrence Hill in 2007. Now, the fascinating thing about this book is that it is published as “Someone knows my name” in Australia,New Zealand and the USA. In good ol’ Canada where Lawrence is from, it is published under “The Book of Negroes”..

The book is a perfect mix of historical fact and a bit of tear jerking fiction. It really captures the darkness and horrors that came with slavery. The author really paints a vivid picture of the pain that the protagonist(Aminata) went through from the moment they are abducted from Africa and whisked off to the new land.The unimaginable things that happened on the slave ships and almost cumulative pain that the heroine endures. It is an amazing read that will make you appreciate all you have and curse the money hungry imperialists. The book also has some informative references to slave landmarks around the world. Before this book I honestly didn’t know that there was slavery in Canada.

The Book of Negroes is a book that actually does exist and copies of it can be found in the USA at the New York Public Library, the Rockefeller Library at Colonial Williamsburg (Virginia) and the U.S. National Archives in Washington D.C. In Canada, copies of the same historical document can be found in the Nova Scotia Public Archives and in the National Archives of Canada.

I highly recommend this book to everyone and anyone. I bet my bottom dollar that you will get back to me when you do read this.

Regards to all…