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One of the most amazing structures to ever grace the landscape of  North America. This man-made wonder has such a profound effect on the lives and well-being of residents of New York City(The Big Apple).

The story behind this engineering feat of sheer awesomeness is one that matches its remarkable beauty. I have been absolutely obsessed with this bridge for as long as I can remember and every year I appreciate it more.

Bridging the East River which happens to be one of the busiest water ways on Earth was a very difficult task. A very dedicated German immigrant and his family would ultimately be responsible for what has now been adopted by many as an emblem of hope,love and perseverance.

John Roebling ( J-bling as I now refer to him) had a dream to connect New York and Brooklyn which were two separate cities back in the 1800’s……..

The Roebling family had a significant strong hold on all the planning and execution of the cultural icon. John Roebling’s foot got severely injured during a routine surveying of the project and contracted tetanus which sadly killed him. His son Washington took over the project and was also killed when he fell ill to caisson disease. Washington Roebling‘s wife Emily taught herself the dynamics of the project and basic architecture while she nursed her husband. When he passed on in 1872 she took on the project that had managed to rob the family of two generations of great Architects. When the bridge finally was finished and opened, she was the first person to cross it. Today the bridge stands poised in all its glory symbolizing a sad but amazing story of love,perseverance and raw determination. I salute the Roebling men and of course Emily Roebling especially for giving us what we now call the Brooklyn Bridge.Brooklyn Bridge at Dawn

The bridge has made a lot of cameo appearances in many a movie but one stands  out for me. Meryl Streep in the 1982 movie Sophie’s Choice as she stands on the bridge with her lover and that moment really represents how grand and romantic the bridge can be. There is something about the bridge that brings out the hopeless romantic in all of us.

If you find the urge to research more but are not too fond of reading like myself then the documentary on BBC known as “Seven Wonders”

Regards to all…..