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Greetings to the masses of the world-wide web.  This being my first entry, I shall not concentrate on any particular topic but merely paint a little picture of what goes on in my mind. It is by no means supposed to be taken too seriously and as time goes by I will get better with how I construct my blog entries.

The week has been very exhausting with 12-13 hour days of work that have left me becoming quite the resident in my mind. One of the repercussions of being a tourist of your own mind is that you start to remember a lot.  Normally a song or a scent will take you back to a place but in this case I found myself remembering things from all the places I had visited as a young man. What spurred them on, I don’t know. But it was a beautiful couple of moments and I actually decided to tweet them in order of how they came to be. ( yes I do tweet) . This moment of complete utopia stretched over 2 hemispheres, 8 time zones and 3 continents. Everything was exactly as I had initially experienced it. I always joked to people that I would take mental pictures of events or moments that had a profound effect on me. Here is a list in no particular order of the places I had in mind.

  • Kamloops , British Columbia, Canada ( Sun Rivers Golf Course) which is perfectly poised in the heart of British Columbia. A stunning 18 hole course which prides itself with having one of the best restaurants (Hoodoos) in the Shuswap . I was lucky enough to have gone there during my first 48 hours in Kamloops during one of the harshest winters I have ever experienced. http://www.sunrivers.com/
  • Vancouver,New Westminster Quay,British Columbia, Canada. Now this particular place holds a very dear place in my heart. I was new in the city of Vancouver and i had a glorious apartment right by the quay. No better place to get initiated into the vibrance of Vancouver than watching Canada Day fireworks at the Quay. It also holds a rather fascinating structure which for lack of a better description is the largest “tin soldier” in history. New Westminster made a quaysider out of me as I found myself taking plenty a walk along the boardwalk and managed to find a few gems along the river. A little hidden secret garden that has a little private beach to go with its secluded beauty. An old railroad crosses the boardwalk and is a great look out place and makes for amazing scenery
  • Melbourne, Victoria (Southbank along the Yarra River), Australia. There are a string of restaurants that are worthy of the most prestigious culinary awards along the South of the Yarra River and are ideally positioned to capture the Melbourne skyline. Probably one of the most amazing places in Australia.
Overlooking the Yarra River, Southbank - Melbourne, 2007
  • A very special shout out to the Northside Community Church, Harare , Zimbabwe.

This is again just a little walk in my mind. These places are accompanied by certain scents, food tastes, ambience that I can’t really describe with words alone.

I am sure this list of places will increase as I grow as a man and citizen of the world.

Regards to all.