Harness the curiosity of life…


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I have an absolute gem of a blog entry for you all today. The past three months have seen me take a new approach which is going relatively well. Positive energy attracts positive energy I always say.

I was having a casual chat with a very good friend  online. The usual office instant messaging to kill time. What ensued was a mind-blowing conversation that graced my Google chat. This person who might want to remain anonymous has such a beautiful mind and has always been very influential in most of my decisions as an adult. So to really showcase the wealth of knowledge this person possesses, I have decided to copy and paste parts of the conversation for all to see. I will not edit nor will I change a word.

Disclaimer; It’s gonna sound like a whole lot of mumbo jumbo, but stay with me.
So a while back I realised it was one thing to be having negative things happening to you and another thing to just entertain negative things – ie thoughts, people, etc.

After an internal audit of my internal dialogue, I realise that things had to change. You see, your internal dialogue impacts your belief system directly ie. Always thinking you ain’t sh*t will eventually make you end up believing you ain’t shit. The only way to correct both is to change your daily internal dialogue and that’s were daily affirmations come in.
You know the whole “you attract what you think, say and do”, well that’s what daily affirmations help with. Eventually, you repeat them so often that your subconscious believes they are solid beliefs and wah-lah, more positivity etc.

Obviously, this doesn’t work by itself . I realised in general I had to be more mindful about what and who I spend my time on. For example: Twitter has become a cess-pit for nonsense people and their antics, my hiatus during Lent made me realise that to a certain level it was feeding negativity towards me. When I get back on, there is going to be a mass culling session and less time spent on it. Same goes for who I spend my time with, I used to be such a social butterfly – anywhere and everywhere. Nope, that’s not happening anymore. I guess it’s just being more mindful of where I contribute my energies and what energy I’m on the receiving end of.

Ladies and Gentlemen,I honestly feel like I shouldn’t add anymore out of fear of ruining what are some very wise and insightful words.

Harness the curiosity of life… Live… Occupy ALL STREETS…

This is the 12th Hole at Arabella Golf course, Capetown.  Embrace life and celebrate your achievements. Happy Birthday to all March babies.

Over n’ Out…

Occupy ALL …


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G’day to you all….

It’s actually been forever since I blogged and the truth is I just had a sensational spell of writer’s block. Glad that has come to an end now. Lets get right into it.

Occupy all…! From  the “Occupy Movement” that swept the social networking waves a few months back and managed to get a few people arrested and maybe even bruised from all the public demonstrations. Apparently, it’s when individuals get together from the bottom to make a change at the top. For instance, “Occupy Wallstreet” was a noble and valiant attempt at the “poor” 99% in America to get a piece of the pie the wealthy 1% have worked so hard for. From the tone in my poorly scripted  blog, you can tell that I do not subscribe to this foolery. It’s a damn shame that the 1% has the money but that is how life is. You want equal pieces to the pie, you should move to a socialist state or wait for the afterlife. As it stands, you get what you grind for… Hooorah!!

With that preamble, I can start my actual topic of discussion. In December 2012, I was perfectly poised on a chair seated on the balcony watching the sun set doing some reflection of my life. In a nutshell, I sat there and decided I didn’t want this year (2013) to start off with the usual “to do list” “achieve this” or whatever list . I was very real with myself and said I was going to go for it. I WILL OCCUPY ALL STREETS and AVENUES. Every facet of my life. I will give a 110%. Every opportunity…..

Stage 1– I started leading a healthier lifestyle (I am running close to 30 km a week) and subsequently will be competing in the TWO OCEANS MARATHON on the 30th March 2013…. *throws confetti *

Stage 2– I decided to put my career advancement in over drive. I am working smart and working hard with my academics. Some nights are bad, some are even rough but I refuse to be outworked.

Stage 3 – I have decided to stop planning and not executing. I shall focus and go in for the kill. I will fly when I want to , laugh when I want to,  will do what is required of me when I want and it shall be at the cost of a lot of things and people. I am looking out for the star player of this team “Captain awesome himself”

Before I bore you with more words than you were prepared to read. In conclusion, nobody in this world will do you any favours. Life is an individual project and you alone are the difference between mediocrity and sensational. Break barriers and go well beyond your comfort zone. Occupy all…

Over n’ Out…

Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death.
Anais Nin



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I have aptly named this entry “Wilson” based on a theory I am working on. It is not perfect but by the end of this blog I would have gotten my thoughts and stuff together. The year has started off generally well, I am pushing myself harder than I did last year in pretty much every facet of my life. I want to be a better version of myself and I am desperate to break new barriers with growth. Growth! I love the word…


Now, the Wilson Theory or Wilson Effect is based on the 2000 movie called “Castaway” that has Tom Hanks as the protagonist.  This fellow finds himself marooned on an Island after his plane crashes and he pretty much has to survive on and entertain himself with debris from the crash. One of the major highlights of the movie is when Tom Hanks makes a Volleyball his best friend. The brand of the Volleyball is Wilson and that naturally becomes its/his name. Understandably, being alone on an Island can be quite difficult and very emotionally taxing. Your mind would be tested and companionship would be integral to survival…

Stay with me folks… This is the part we put everything together. So after a few months of struggling, endless conversations with Wilson and a suicide attempt , Tom Hanks manages to build a raft and float to some help with Wilson on board. These two are now fully fledged BFF’s (Best Friends Forever)… This emotional and personal journey continues for Tom Hanks thanks to the companionship of Wilson.

He  grows as a person and that is just a living testament to what the right kind of companion will do to a man/woman . There is no limit to the growth that may be  when you have the right support system. Wilson was just a Volleyball stuffed with some straw and a smiley face painted on it.


SPOILER ALERT: The twosome manage to build a raft and venture off to find civilization after 4 years of waiting on the Island. While they are floating away , Wilson drifts off.

This part of the blog now talks about the effect that losing a “Wilson” in your life will have on you. Tom Hanks cried… and cried…uncontrollably wept and you could see the pain on-screen as Wilson floated off. He was torn between swimming after him,losing the raft,being with Wilson again but drowning or  staying on the raft,surviving but losing Wilson.


And behold, the Wilson Theory…. Who is your Wilson? Does your Wilson help you grow? Would you be willing to part ways with your Wilson in order to save yourself?

Oh and before I forget to mention. My Marathon training is coming along well. Did my first 20 km last week and I didn’t die. TWO OCEANS MARATHON

Good Day to you all…

My Bucketlist…


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In most cases, a bucket-list is associated with a terminal illness of some sort which works in tandem with a  tear jerking traumatic experience suffered in one’s childhood. Well, this blog will have no such thing as I am just making a bucket-list because I can and because it is my blog.

Essentially, the bucket-list is meant to represent a list of goals to achieve before your untimely demise or before you kick the bucket…pun intended. It’s a glorified to-do-list. It’s just like planning ahead all the highlights you want for YOUR whole life. :D Even though goal setting is already my staple activity, I still found many new things to do while I was carefully scripting my bucket list. It has been an incredibly insightful exercise. What’s even more ah-mah-zing, coming up with my bucket list gave me a whole new layer of enthusiasm knowing what’s in store ahead! Most people  will actually give this a lot of thought and put it in categories like Travel, Adventure, Social, Creative etc. I being the superhero that I am will follow no norm. I shall aptly categorize mine as TRAVEL and SUPERHERO SHIT ….  stuff….

Superhero Stuff

  • Get my PhD before 30….
  • Explore the Nile….
  •  Climb Mt Everest
  •  Visit every country in the World…
  •  Dive in the Red Sea…
  •  Visit Easter Island twice…
  •  Sleep in a castle…
  • Run  ONE marathon before 30.
  • Compete at the Olympics as a mortal…
  • Sky dive on my 30th birthday.


Sunset at the Coast and the Island of Zanzibar…

  • Zanzibar.

The beautiful Seychelles Islands…..

  • Get absolutely tipsy in the Seychelles Islands.
  • South of France.
  • Hit Golf Balls off the Brooklyn Bridge.

Need I say more… The Great East River conquered by the mighty Brooklyn Bridge

  • Play a solid 18 Holes at St Andrews Golf course.

The Club House at the oldest and best Golf course in the world….

  • Old Trafford.
  • Pounding Grape hard in Venice.

Pounding grape hard in Venice

This is my official bucketlist.

“Every man dies – Not every man really lives.” ~ William Ross

“The only people who fear death are those with regrets.” ~ Author Unknown

If you don’t have a bucket list, I highly recommend you to create one. How much does it cost? ZERO. How long does it take? Probably 30 minutes to an hour, or more if you get really caught up in the writing.

Over n’ Out….

A Letter To My Unborn Son…


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Dear Son,

A Moment like this ….

To share a moment like this….

To be in love and share a moment like this.

To let go of all worldly woes and embrace the feelings that come with sharing a moment like this….

The mind and heart can stop all time and store a moment like this.

La Chaim to all that are blessed enough to have a partner you can share a moment like this with.

Hold onto that moment because as fate would have it, time waits for nobody and before you know it..

So what would you give….Just for one more moment.

Hold on and never ever let go of the moment… Very seldom do you get to experience everything falling into place for a moment like this…

Victoria Falls Safari Lodge

Your loving father…



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Let me tell you about my day
Its such a very long day
It started around 7
And I can hear her pray 
That is why I love Sunday mornings
even when it was cold
There Always something burning 
That was good for my soul
As I walk through the yard
I can feel your presence
Giving me the time of my life 
and showering me with life’s lessons
Now I know what they mean 
when they say keep your head to sky
And Don’t be to quick to fit in
and don’t feel you have to try
This road is strange so strange it is 
you know it really hurts inside sometimes (sometimes)
No matter how good you are to people you know
theyill make you cry sometimes (sometimes)
I am so proud people see the young man I came to be
With lifelong struggles you kept a smile on my face
And as I am looking all around me 
I say how can I ever repay you?
Mama was worth more than gold
And She always tried to tell me 
This road is strange so strange so strange my dear
you know it really hurts inside yeah 
No matter how good you are to people you know
theyll make you cry sometimes yeah 

There have been a few days when people truly let me down
And said crucial things just to bring me down
And they will rob beg and cheat just for the own self motives and greed
But I guess it ain’t nothing knew 
Just something I got to go through
This road is strange so strange so strange it s you know it really hurts sometimes 
No matter how good you are to people you know theyll make you cry sometimes  
Now how much more can I take before I shot to kill 
Don’t let them mess with your heart because what you feel is very real
You know it makes me cry sometimes baby 
Yes it does
Out of all the days and all the stories you taught me about it you know it still hurts inside sometimes
I go through life with my hands in the air saying oh Lord help me there whoa it hurts sometimes
It hurts sometimes baby nobody can tell me he better than you 
About these thing I go through it hurt sometimes baby sometimes

Words from the very talented grammy nominated Raphael Saadiq from the single “Sometimes” . I thought these lyrics were fitting for how I felt this Sunday morning. Good music still lives, embrace life and soldier on through all the adversities. Let us not lose focus on what is really important and get swallowed up by the worldly things. Be the very best version of you.

“Things I’m Afraid to Tell You”


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I was doing my usual reading last night in the blogosphere and came across an amazing blog which led me to an even more amazing blog. Social networking sites have made us want to share the most positive attributes of our life and hide the not so positive parts. As a result of this desire to be deemed cool, we tend to fabricate and glorify even the most inert of situations. The gloss of instagram, hashtags of twitter and “like button” of Facebook glamorize our lives and create a version of it that we want the world to see.

The things I’m afraid to tell you…

We have become a generation afraid of our imperfections, fears and shortcomings. It stops here and now. I feel for growth to happen, one must face the music and deal with areas that are major chinks in the armour.

1. I am terrified of failure. This fear of failure has made me not attempt certain projects in my life and I pride myself on being very cautious and careful but that is just an excuse for not having the balls to try certain things.

2. I am sometimes unsure about my appearance. I have struggled for years with confidence and its only now that I am getting into the twilight of my twenties that I seem to have accepted that I have a round face and small-ish eyes…

3. I have a fear of crowds which makes me really awkward whenever I am in a crowded place.

4. I have close to NO people skills at all. Small talk paralyzes me. ( The random conversation at the printer at work, the elevator) I SUCK at it..

5. Eye contact scares the poop out of me.

6. I cannot open my eyes under water..

7. I have managed stellar undergraduate and postgraduate accolades but I still feel I don’t know what I am doing.

8. I don’t really know why Tupac and Biggie were upset with each other.

9. I pretty much never know the lyrics to any song…

10. I can never really afford the lifestyle I lead. I always  find myself having to spend money I did not budget for in order to satisfy this unquenchable thirst for the finer things.

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to reintroduce myself… I am very far from perfect.

Wow… Oddly this wasn’t quite as bad as I thought it was going to be. Join the movement and create your own list. Sarcastic facebook updates, superficial tweets, pictures of cocktails and nightclub bathrooms. When will it all end …. ? Challenge yourself, let the world know what your real life is like…

A blogger by the name of Jess Constable inspired this blog. I salute you…

Christmas List…


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It’s officially half the year gone and I have started my Christmas list. I normally never ever EVER do this but this year I decided to spoil myself a little and start making plans to get what I WANT.. So first on the list is: *drum roll please*

The Nikon D300.. M’yesh… Now not only is this fancy as can be but costs a pretty darn penny. I shall not be discouraged though because my heart is set on getting this little toy for myself. I decided a few months ago that I would like to take more pictures. Not just any pictures.. (Nothing against those people that take pictures in bathrooms across the world and post them on social networking sites) … I want to take pictures that last forever. Pictures that capture what I am feeling at the time. My mental pictures of moments should now be documented… So let this 10th day of July in the year of our lord 2012 be a  declaration of my wish to add this amazing camera to my christmas list.

For all those that fancy giving it a go and making my whole year… It retails at  1,100 pound sterling. I am sure as the year goes by and I do more research, I will find a more affordable replacement but as it stands…. THIS IS WHAT I WANT…

Dear Santa,

I didn’t get my red BMX bike in 1995 so the very least you can do is DELIVER this with a bottle of wine.

Kind Regards,



Jazz …


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One of the oldest forms of music which originated from the black community in the United States. It is a mix of European and African music influences. I don’t really need to tell you about the history but feel its imperative that I highlight the influence jazz has had worldwide.

A little place in Lusaka, Zambia which is by far one of the most beautiful new establishments to grace the Lusaka nightlife. In the heart of Levy junction mall lies a gorgeous restaurant and live jazz bar. Dressed with extravagant chandeliers, art work from jazz icons of our time, shiny cutlery and an ambiance Duke Ellington would be proud of himself.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The Misty live Jazz and Restaurant is by far the Jazz enthusiasts ideal night out. Fine dining at its best with an extraordinarily dapper staff. The management went to great lengths to ensure every aspect of a lavish establishment was taken into consideration.


It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t talk about their extensive wine list. For all ye that enjoy the occasional glass of wine, this is the place for you. Wine,Jazz and fine dining.

If you are ever in the area, please give the place a visit.


For more details, please refer to the website above.